Auto Lease Buddy

Daily Repetitive Activities  


My Notes

Odometer  Requirements

Customers Name
Pick Up Location
Dealers Name

Total of two emails need to be sent 

@lease inspection control
@Accounts Receivable 

Then send to Imaging

Directive - PGRV if Odesa shows unit is grounded
(Send statement to imaging)

If no mileage Monica must approve!!
Activity Codes

ODRC - Received Odometer Statement

(Use Odometer Template and send to Imagining)  

Mailbox Activity Codes

LEEI - Received an email
LEEC- After what I did
On activity code NOTE .. WHAT I DID

Too Apply a debuy unit has to have odometer statement and be grounded. 
Short Payoff

Need new contract or bill of sale to be faxed
972 759 5349 
Fair Market Value + DBUY

Choosing Fair Market Value and Dbuy will take care of customer receiving a final bill including overage on mileage.
Buyer Orders

Send email to Jose Hernandez and to Monica Cooper
and to Imaging